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Hi! I'm Lili, portrait illustrator and digital nomad. I’ve pursued the traditional route for success as a graphic designer, but over time I became more and more convinced by the idea that I could work on my own projects, from home or from any place I could find myself. It wasn’t until I left my full-time job that I finally began to immerse myself in what I truly enjoy. Drawing has always come natural to me, but there’s a unique love I have for old family photos. I suppose it was inevitable that I’d one day incorporate both of these passions into my own business. And now I couldn’t be happier. 

Every day I am able to spend my time drawing and bringing to life a piece of art that brings someone else joy.  My portraits have been featured on Popsugar, Huffington Post, Glamour Italy, and Etsy, among other places. Currently, I divide my home between Spain and Italy with my boyfriend and our son, while creating in every nook of time I can find. 

Comments, questions and hellos to: lilidiprima@gmail.com 

Thanks for visit! :)